About Us

Filling this blank space may be the most difficult part of developing a new website! Welcome to Photos by Lennah, I am Lennah Snell and now I have to give you some “about me” history.

Let’s start at the beginning, not mine, but my family’s. In 1972 my Mom and Dad purchased a Siberian Husky, and later a Dachshund, from a pet store in Leavenworth, Kansas. When they were told how difficult a Husky would be with their three girls (I am the oldest) they signed up for obedience classes with the newly formed Leavenworth Kennel Club. The rest, as they say is history, and that’s exactly what this section is about-my dog history.

Over the last 50 and more years my family has owned, shown and put a title on at least one breed from each group. We have shown in breed rings, obedience rings and even handled dogs in performance events including coursing, digs and sled races. Each of my sister’s and I have owned, bred and shown our own breeds; for the last 40 (or so) years my breed has been the whippet and whippets led me to dog show photography.

I completed my college education in 1987, and like many newly minted “adults” had no idea what I was going to do next. Luckily, my dog show family had my back. I began working with Phoebe Booth in her office and within two years was taking photos as well. When Phoebe sold her business, I continued my training with Jack Ritter at Booth Photography in Michigan. For the last 35 years I have been a dog show photographer and for the last 25 of those I have been my own boss as a contract photographer, a business partner and now my own business.

As technology has changed so has the photography business, but a good dog photo requires knowledge of dogs more than it does knowledge of technology. I have worked all breeds, local and national specialties, AKC and UKC shows, and even a variety of field events.  I love what I do and that I make my living working with dogs and the people who enjoy them as much as I do.

See you at the shows!