Computer Work

We charge $100/hour to do computer work on photos. We do NOT retouch dogs. All win images will be loaded with cropping, color correction and straightening already done. Most shadows at a backdrop will also be removed. We do not charge for sign changes if ordered correctly from the “Other Changes” menu. We do not do any computer work on ringside images and only offer them “straight from the camera” as a download. This keeps costs down to a reasonable amount for our customer. Once purchased as a download the image (whether win photo high res or ringside candid) is yours to use as needed.

Most computer work does not take longer than 30 minutes, please feel free to contact us for estimate. The “Add A Judge” ordering menu option is available if you wish to add ONE judge to any image.

Lennah is by far our most experienced person with dogs and computer work, but we do have a highly trained staff that works from home while she is working at shows! We do have a talented staff that would be pleased to create logos or ad layouts for you as well!